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10 Resolutions for a Better Body in 2012

Developed a couple of festive saddlebags over the Christmas period? You’re certainly not alone but if you want to power into 2012 ahead of the competition then you need a fitness and nutrition strategy you can stick with. Here are ten simple fitness and nutrition tactics you can employ NOW to get the new year off to a flying start.


1. Spend more time on your feet

Simply spending more time on your feet, whether that be standing up or walking around, will help your fat loss efforts no end.  You burn significantly more calories when you’re on your feet, so stand up for your right to get ripped in 2012.


2. Eat more Protein

Protein is key to thousands of bodily functions, as well as of course muscular growth, it is also very satiating, meaning eating more of it will result in less cravings for sugary fatty food. Ensure you get some form of lean protein with each meal.

Protein in chicken
Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons


3. Get Creative in the Gym

Boredom is one of the main reasons quit the gym, so ensure your workouts don’t stagnate by trying a new exercise every time you hit the weights room. The internet and fitness magazines are great sources to discover new exercises.


4. Be More Accountable

Record your progress in a workout log and set goals for yourself. This is an easy, cheap way to track your progress and is incredibly motivating, since you have constantly changing benchmarks upon which to judge yourself


5. Spend Less Time in Gym

Cut down the time you spend in the gym, but work harder… Short intense workouts are far more effective than long drawn-out ones peppered with idle chat and long periods spent looking in the mirror.

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons


6. Get Your Fitness Efforts Online

Facebook and Twitter are great ways to gain access to some of the best fitness brains and bodies in the business. Start off by following experts like Rob Riches and Carly Thornton on Facebook for loads of regular, professional, free tips.


7. Try something New

As well as trying new exercises, try totally different ways of training. Try a circuit class to subject your muscles to a totally new stimulus


8. Stretch

I bet you don’t stretch… Start. Stretching takes less than 10 minutes and stimulates blood flow to the muscles, aiding growth and recovery.


9. Optimise Your Supplementation

Stop wasting your time and money on useless supplements,  realistically, whey protein should be all you need to create a great physique.

Whey protein
Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons


10. Switch gyms

If you can, changing gyms is a great way to shove some rocket-fuel into your fitness regime. Different equipment, a change of scenary and some new faces all add up to create the feeling of a new start, and some extra motivation.



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