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4 Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Most people mistakenly think that fat loss is something that requires a lot effort, pumping iron and amazing genetics. This cannot be further from the truth: when you know the right exercises, you can lose fat a lot quicker, without starving yourself. In this article we will show you several high performance tricks which help you to become leaner significantly quickly.

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Trick: Drink Green Tea
It was proven that Green tea actually helps you become leaner and burn calories by boosting your metabolic rate and making you burn more calories, up to 250 extra calories any day. With just 3 cups of green tea per day you could make a big improvement in your body fat, while also consuming a beneficial drink that has various other positive effects on your well-being.

Trick: Guarana
Guarana is also a powerful fat burning supplement that explode your metabolic rate, making you a living fat burning furnace and makes you burn more calories. Make sure not to take too much as an overdose can have bad influence on your cardiovascular system. There are of course many other fat burning supplements out there that have a similar effect to Guarana

Trick: Use Compound Exercises
Instead of spending hours deed aerobics, it is considerably more effective to do compound weight exercises such as squats and dips. They utilize lots of muscles at the same time and boost your metabolism significantly, helping you to burn more calories even when you are asleep. Various studies proved that there is no actual difference in fat burning when doing aerobics or multi-joint fat burning exercises such as bench press or other intense exercises.
So instead of deed simple curls, do some more complex exercises and you evidence not only lose more fat, but also grow your muscles faster.

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Trick: Eat Mostly Complex Carbohydrates
Basic carbohydates such as white bread, spaghetti, etc, are digested easily, therefore they are quickly turned into Glucose in the body. This spikes up Insulin, whos job is to store Glucose in the body as fat – thus turning you more fat. You should avoid all white carbohydrate and eat complex carbohydates such as black beans, whole grain, etc. These carbohydates are harder to digest, so the digestive system does not turn them into fat and they provide you with stable energy throughout the day.

In conclusion, in this article we presented 4 tricks for fast weight loss, make sure to try them and see your body fat drop significantly.

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