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8 Ways to Avoid Injuries at the Gym

This is a guest post by Brandon Serna…

Whether you’re trying to drop a few pounds or if you’re a gym rat, it’s important to avoid injuries while exercising. Serious injuries can halt your momentum and can have a negative effect on your health for a long time. Follow these simple tips to stay healthy and to enjoy your workouts more.


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1. Know your limits. Iron doesn’t lie. Don’t try to press 200 pounds if you’re not strong enough. All you’ll do is hurt yourself. Start with a nice, manageable weight and build up. You should only work out with about two-thirds of your maximum to gain strength and to avoid getting injured.

2. Warm up sufficiently. Your muscles will respond to your workouts better if you give them a little notice. Ten minutes spent warming up can save you two weeks of recuperation.

3. If you stretch before running or biking, don’t bounce. Bouncing pushes your joints beyond their limits. Sometimes swimming in commercial pools can be great if your joints are already tender. Aquatic therapy works wonders for arthritic knees and hips.

4. Don’t try to show off or compete with others, especially if they’re in better shape than you are. Stay within your limits for the best results.

5. Learn the correct way to perform any exercise or to use exercise machines. Having poor form while doing pushups, crunches or using Nautilus equipment will catch up with you over the course of time. Ask a gym employee or schedule a single session with a trainer to learn correct form.

6. Before you hop on a stationary bike or take on any sort of exercise machinery, be sure it’s functioning properly. Check any belts, cables or gears for signs of wear or breakage. A thirty-second examination can save you weeks of misery. If the equipment is in poor working order, notify the gym’s management.

7. Exercising in water provides added resistance and is easy on your joints. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Be kind to your ankles, knees, hips and elbows, and they’ll serve you well. Most commercial pools offer aquatic therapy classes for men and women.

8. Don’t try to accomplish too much. Your workout doesn’t have to hurt you to be effective. The days of “no pain, no gain” ended long ago. Avoiding common injuries will enable you to stick with your exercise program longer. You can work out for the rest of your life if you stay healthy.

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Brandon’s an avid runner and fitness blogger that works with HydroWorx pools. HydroWorx is a world

leader in aquatic therapy equipment, exercise pools, swim spas and portable underwater treadmills for sports and healthcare.


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