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It’s Not P.E: Organised Amature Sports for Adults

If the idea of organised sports makes you shudder and have flashbacks to those days where you were frequently picked last in PE then you are not alone. We all have bad memories of those lessons, those PE kits, that seemingly evil teacher who wasn’t afraid to tell you repeatedly what a terrible football/ hockey/ basketball player you were at every given opportunity. However, there has been a recent resurgence in team sports and if so many people are doing it as a means of getting fit, then they cant all be wrong! Today we compile a list of some of the best…


Enjoy a kick around


5 a side football is a great way to keep fit whilst having a laugh with your friends. In fact, you’re likely to find yourself enjoying the competitive element and inevitable banter so much that before you know it, the game is over and it’s time for a celebratory (or commiserating) pint or two. There are leagues to suit all abilities so get yourselves signed up.

5 a side




This firm favourite with ladies is now gaining in popularity and there are mixed teams popping up all over the place. Whether you get your recruiting hat on and begin the search for the perfect team or just fill a spot in a currently existing team, you can’t fail to enjoy a friendly game alongside a bit of team camaraderie. Netball is sociable, fun and the sense of success you get from stealing a victory should be incentive enough. Plus, as adults – you don’t have to pick teams so you should be safe!




Now it may not be your typical organised sport but paintballing is a fantastic team activity that isn’t just about physical fitness – although it certainly makes you run a little faster when you know that someone is taking aim at your retreating back! This activity requires tactics, strategy and the ability to work together as a team. You’ll be surprised how many paintballing centres there are around and when you go regularly, the discount can be quite significant. Just prepare yourself for the inevitable bruises!


Roller derby


So you’ve been convinced that organised sport is a good idea but are keen to try something a little out of the ordinary? Well, if you aren’t afraid of contact sports and mastered the art of rollerbooting back in your childhood – roller derby could be for you. Teams of five (four defensive players, one point scorer) take to the circular track with the sole mission of scoring points by speed and sheer brute force. Be warned, this isn’t for the faint-hearted – you will need to be relatively fearless but the fun you will have in the process makes it more than worth it plus, it is growing at a rate of knots on a global scale – who knows, if you’re good enough you could be jetting off around the world in no time!

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