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Anthony Joshua Diet analysis

Anthony Joshua Diet Analysis, Did he REALLY Eat 5,000 Calories per Day?

Anthony Joshua.
IBF Heavyweight Champion and newly-crowned poster boy of British Boxing  Sport.
Joshua is well-known for his power, incredible fitness levels and generally being a mild-mannered and bloody nice bloke.
A couple of days after his defeat of Klitschko I started seeing some content about his diet doing the rounds in the media (ok, on Facebook), with many claiming that he […]

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Macros Don’t Matter

TL;DR: Make sure you hit your calorie targets, then your protein target. After that your carb/fat ratio doesn’t matter that much.
Yeah, I went there, your macros DON’T matter.
Ok that might be a bit extreme, there are some caveats to this this claim; if you’re at the elite level of physique competitions, or […]

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Are BCAAs a waste of money

Are BCAAs a Waste of Money?

TL;DR: Yes.
BCCAs are one of the most popular sports supplements on the market right now, and have been for some time. Take a look at the website of your favourite go-to supplement brand and chances are they’ll offer a wide spectrum of different BCAA products in a range cool-sounding and admittedly (in some cases) delicious […]

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