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Turkey, Brown Rice, Broccoli

Beach Body Diet 2013

‘Beach Body’ is a term that gets bandied around a lot in fitness circles. In all honesty it shouldn’t be, since it implies that it’s possible to workout and eat well so you can be ripped for the beach in summer, and live like a slob in winter.

The truth is, if you want a decent physique in summer, you need to eat well and train hard all year round.

That’s not to say however that you can’t make changes your diet to favour fat burning when the beach begins to beckon.

One caveat – don’t wait until the mercury rises to make these changes, by that time it’ll be too late. If you have a holiday coming up or a date in mind, make these changes a minimum of 12 weeks prior (N.B. this applies if you already have an appreciable level of muscle mass and suitably low body fat, if you’re untrained or need to make big changes, start a lot earlier).

If you’ve read my previous post ‘what I eat everyday’ the  you’ll have a good idea of my daily intake, this isn’t wildly different, the amounts are smaller and you’ll notice that I’ve back-loaded my carbs towards the end of the day.

Again, I haven’t included the exact amounts in weight, as your requirements will vary depending on your weight.

You should also note that for the best results you should stick to this almost religiously, save for the odd once-weekly carb up, if you think you need it.

So here yopu go, don’t say I don’t do anything for you;


Meal 1: 3 Eggs, ~50g salmon, blueberries

Ok so a few carbs in meal #1 but berries have a low glycemic index and and fruit is essential for overall health, and if you’re ill, you can’t train.

Scrambled eggs, salmon



Meal 2: 1 can of Tuna, half an Avocado, Spinach

The lack of carbs is especially useful for those with sedentary jobs and should encourage the body to burn fat for fuel.

Tuna, Avocado, Spinach



Meal 3: 200g Turkey, 200g Brown Rice, Broccoli, Olive Oil

If you train in the early evening like me, a good hit of carbs a couple of hours before will help fuel an intense session

Turkey, Brown Rice, Broccoli



Post Work-Out: 2 scoops of Whey Protein

No PWO carbs as the goal is to maintain muscle rather than build.

whey protein



Meal 4: 150g Salmon, 200g Brown Rice, Mushrooms, Peppers, Tomato

My last meal will vary from day to day but always includes brown rice or sweet potato, chicken, turkey, steak or fish and a variety of vegetables

Salmon, Brown Rice, Veg


It goes without saying that yourt training needs to be on-point as well.

Monitor any changes closely and if needs be, add in some extra cardio or lower calories further. Good luck!



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