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4 Bicep Workout Myths Dispelled

Just admit it… You want big biceps.

It’s almost become taboo in today’s fitness world to perform bicep curls, but deep down, shirt-sleeve bursting arms are the reason we all started training, and the desire to attain them is part of the reason most of us are still training years later.

There is much confusion surrounding bicep training and which bicep exercises you should and shouldn’t do; all of which can be frustrating. Here are four myths about bicep building and the truth behind them…


Bicep Workout
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You Need to Squat to get big biceps

If you take notice of bodybuilding forums, you’ll have heard people saying that bicep curls are totally unnecessary and that you can achieve big arms simply by doing squats. There is an element of truth in this.

Truth: Squats (and other compound moves) strengthen the posterior chain which will make you stronger overall and enable you to lift more on other exercises such as bicep curls.

Moral: Do bicep curls and squats

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You need to Build the Biceps ‘peak’ for Size

Some people mistaken believe that the bicep muscle contains some mystical ‘peak’ that can be coaxed out by doing certain exercises.

Truth: You cannot change the shape of a muscle, it either gets bigger or smaller. There is no biceps ‘peak’, some people have ‘higher’ biceps and others have a rounder shape, but you cannot influence this with exercise choice.

Moral: Do a range of different bicep exercises to help the muscle grow to it’s full potential


You Only Need to Train Biceps to Get Big Arms

A rookie mistake for sure, but some people can’t see past their biceps for getting big arms, simply because they’re more prominent in the mirror

Truth: The bicep only makes up 1/3rd of the arm, the triceps make up the larger yet less visible part

Moral: Pay equal if not more attention to the triceps

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To get Big Biceps, You Need to Lift Huge Weights

This can be applied to any muscle group, but there is an overarching myth that you won’t be able to build big guns without using weight of epic proportions.

Truth: Far more important than the weight you use is observing a strict tequniche and making the exercise as intense as possible

Moral: Slowly strive to increase the weight you lift, but pay more attention to feeling the weight getting the form right and reducing rest time between sets.

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    1. Absolutely isometric holds are just a another weapon in your muscle-building arsenal that can be used for all body parts

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