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Macros Don’t Matter

TL;DR: Make sure you hit your calorie targets, then your protein target. After that your carb/fat ratio doesn’t matter that much.
Yeah, I went there, your macros DON’T matter.
Ok that might be a bit extreme, there are some caveats to this this claim; if you’re at the elite level of physique competitions, or […]

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MP Recovery

The ‘Post Workout Shake’ Myth: Do you REALLY Need a Protein Recovery Shake After your Workout to Build Muscle?

Unless you hadn’t realised, there are dozens of sports nutrition companies making money from selling powdered milk protein to people like you.
They’re not really selling protein powder though, they’re selling a dream, the dream of your ideal physique, the dream of looking like Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, or if you’re not that way inclined – […]

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