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Booost O2

Booost Oxygen Review

Ok, I was skeptical too, Oxygen in a canister; what the hell right? How can they sell bottled air?
This is a pretty typical, and in fairness, a pretty rational response when I tell people I’m trying an Oxygen-based workout supplement, why would you pay for something you can inhale 24/7 absolutely free?!
Well, I have two […]

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Mass Blitz

MaxiRAW Mass Blitz Review

First of all, massive thanks to MaxiRAW for sending me these samples to review, much appreciated.
MaxiRAW Mass Blitz falls into the ‘weight gainer’ category of supplements, made with a blend of the three main macronutrients, rather than just protein, these products are designed for trainers looking for a convenient and cost effective way of adding […]

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Let’s be honest, if we could take a magic potion that somehow turned us into 18 stone, ripped beasts, we would. Unfortunately, in bodybuilding, as in any sport, there are no shortcuts. The nice people at BSN who make a range of nutritional supplements however would have you believe that veiny vascularity is just a […]

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