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Are BCAAs a waste of money

Are BCAAs a Waste of Money?

TL;DR: Yes.
BCCAs are one of the most popular sports supplements on the market right now, and have been for some time. Take a look at the website of your favourite go-to supplement brand and chances are they’ll offer a wide spectrum of different BCAA products in a range cool-sounding and admittedly (in some cases) delicious […]

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Supplement stack

Stop The Obsession with Supplements

The least well-informed and arguably the least successful trainers in search of more muscle and less fat are OBSESSED with supplements.
This would be fine if it weren’t so detrimental to their efforts.
The obsession in itself isn’t really the problem, it’s the fact that it diverts attention from aspects of their diet and training that are FAR more important.
Consider the debates that […]

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Mass Blitz

MaxiRAW Mass Blitz Review

First of all, massive thanks to MaxiRAW for sending me these samples to review, much appreciated.
MaxiRAW Mass Blitz falls into the ‘weight gainer’ category of supplements, made with a blend of the three main macronutrients, rather than just protein, these products are designed for trainers looking for a convenient and cost effective way of adding […]

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