Those Red Bits are Shoulders

Training Session 11/04/11 – Shoulders and Abs

Thankful to be back in the gym after what was admittedly a pretty lazy and drunken weekend. Food went pretty well today, I managed to cram in four meals before the session and I was pretty relieved that I wasn’t partaking in usual grueling Monday night leg session!

Those Red Bits are Shoulders

Usually these workout reports will be a little more detailed with cold, hard stats detailing the exact amount of reps and sets, as well as the weight I’m using so you can compare and see how much of a big man you are in comparison to me! In the mean time however, while I’m without a 2011 version of my much ridiculed gym-diary, a brief summation will have to do!

So I got there and surprise surprise, the Smith machine I had planned to use was taken by some emaciated teenager doing half-hearted bicep curls. I decided to start instead with Military presses, and since I was feeling particularly fat, I threw in some Ab super-sets. Here’s how the workout went –

A. Military Press ~ 4×10
Kettle-Bell Swings ~ 4 x12-15

Upright Rows ~ 4 x12
Kettle-Bell Swings ~ 2 x10

Seated D.B Press ~ 3×9
Decline Crunch + Weight ~ 3×15

Face-Pulls ~ 3×12
Kneeling Pull-down Weight Crunches ~ 3×15

Pronated Cable Flys 2×15

If that looks like something out of a GCSE algebra exam, allow me to explain. The As and Bs simply denote each group of exercises that were super-setted, for example, I alternated a set of Military presses with a set of Kettle-Bell Swings, four times over. Oh, and for all you wannabe meatheads, those little squiggles (~) mean ‘approximately’.

Now, you may not have heard of ‘Face-Pulls’ before, and while they do sound like something from one of the Saw films, they are in fact a great stimulator of the medial delts, and certainly worth doing if you’ve never tried them before.

Here’s a video to help you out –

It was turned out to be a pretty light workout but I got a decent pump. As ever I got down to the gym too late and probably could have kept going all out for another 30 minutes.

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