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Deep Heat/Deep Freeze Review

Deep heat has been around for a while, affectionately known and loved as the magic healing spray in a can with the distinctive smell. For years this product has been used to treat minor muscular aches and pains. With the rise in people hitting the gym, demand for these products is only set to rise and the company behind Deep Heat were kind enough to send me through some of their new gel to review.

Working out, whether you’re doing resistance or cardio can result in a dreaded martyr named DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. Such soreness can occur in any of the major or minor muscle groups and can vary in severity and duration.

deep heat

Deep Heat and Deep Freeze gel are designed to provide some temporary relief for this soreness. Firstly, the difference between to two products;

Deep Heat has a pleasant, warming sensation that makes you feel like you’ve got some kind of internal hot water bottle gently soothing the ache, with that same distinctive smell.

Deep Freeze is quite the opposite, an ice blue gel that slowly filters down a cooling sensation that puts soreness on ice with no odor.

So I usually get pretty bad DOMS if I train my chest right but a quick application of Deep Heat quelled the ache for a good couple of hours,

Now, there;s DOMS and there’s DOMS; whenever I train my Calves, even with a decent amount of stretching i seem to suffer near debilitating levels of soreness, starting about 48 hours afterwards – it’s painful to walk and do normal stuff like rolling my trousers up over my calves (to apply the Deep Heat!). This soreness lasts for around three days so was the perfect opportunity to test out the power of Deep Heat and Deep Freeze.

The application itself was painful, but after a minute or so, both Deep Heat and Deep Freeze got to work and started to at least numb the tenderness when the muscle was stationary.Unfortunately, when serious DOMS is the diagnosis, there’s no real cure, and even after the application, the fundamental, underlying ache made walking as painful as ever.

deep freeze

Both Deep Heat and Deep Freeze do provide some degree of temporary relief from muscular aches and pains, but if you’ve really pushed your body to the limit, prevention is the only option. To eliminate the risk of DOMS, start stretching as soon as you finish your sets, have some post workout nutrition, and have a hot/cold shower (alternative 1 minute hot, 1 minute cold for 10 minutes).

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