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Five Advanced Fat Burning Techniques

So you’ve shifted that belly, and you’re starting to see the first signs of that six pack emerging from your gut like a phoenix rising from the flames. Problem is, your results have stagnated, leaving a small but infuriating amount of lipid concealing the final piece in your six-pack puzzle.

You know that a potent cocktail of resistance training, cardio and diet is the key to losing that last bit of fat, but even if you think you’ve got everything spot on, you may still be missing a couple of sneaky techniques that will combine to melt away the final few pounds of fat, leaving looking dry and shredded.

Here are five stealth tactics to purge the paunch in no time…


1.    Lose the weights benches

You know the exercises you perform sitting down on a bench?

Stop doing that.

Performing all your exercises standing (or a  least as many as you can) will engage more muscle and burn more calories.

Shoulder press
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2.    Reduce your cooking times

Cooking certain carbohydrates for too long can break them down, making them enter the blood stream more quickly and spike insulin, leading to fat gain.

Sweet potatoes are particularly susceptible to this process, cook a medium sized sweet potato for around 25 minutes, ensuring it ends up firm (but not solid).

Cooker timer
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3.    Go for a walk

You may already do cardio, you may not, either way, make it a priority to go for a brisk 30 minute walk everyday. Doing this consistently will have a metabolic effect that builds up over time, gradually chiseling away at your mid-section.

The reason I suggest a walk instead of simply more regular-pace cardio is because it won’t impact your recovery, giving you the best chance of building more fat-burning muscle mass.

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4.    Drink green tea

Green tea has a moderate caffeine content which means it’ll keep your metabolism ticking over nicely. Don’t think that green tea capsules are are good substitute either, they don’t absorb nearly as effectively.

You may be thinking why I didn’t recommend black coffee since it has a higher caffeine content, well, it’s ok to drink occasionally, but I tend to avoid it since it has a bigger diuretic effect on the body and can increase catabolic cortisol levels.

green tea
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5.    Start each workout with a bang

Which ever muscle group you training on a given day, begin your workout with a heavy, compound lift that targets the muscle group in question. This will make you stronger, bigger and help reveal the pack.

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