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Go Mammoth Launch Zumba Fitness Classes in London

Zumba is the fitness craze that has taken over the UK thanks to the fact that it hardly feels like working out at all! For those who want to party themselves fit and have fun shedding those pounds, zumba is the ideal option. It is open to people of all ages, whether male or female, and offers the chance to meet other zumba-goers and to get fit with series of classes that are both challenging and enjoyable, adapting to the improving fitness levels of the class members as the course progresses.


Go Mammoth is launching zumba classes in London from 21st January, with sessions in Putney, Stockwell, Balham and Clapham. These classes are run by some of the best and most enthusiastic zumba instructors in the country and there are no long gym contracts to sign if you want to attend. Go Mammoth zumba classes take place most evenings during the week, with morning classes at the weekend.


If you haven’t yet thought of trying out a Go Mammoth zumba class then there are a few things you might want to consider.


You don’t need experience! Even if you are a complete beginner you won’t feel out of place at our zumba classes. You don’t need to show up with advance knowledge of zumba moves, or any dance skill, and the classes are structured so as to become more challenging as the weeks go on and your fitness improves.


It’s a fun way to get fit! Our zumba classes are a great way to meet new people, especially as you have zumba in common as a starting talking point! Group fitness in such a relaxed environment is a great way to make sure you keep up your motivation to attend the weekly classes and to start hitting your fitness goals too.


Zumba is not just fun! It’s also a highly effective cardio workout that burns calories and can help build long term fitness. There’s no better way to get into fitness than with a class that doesn’t feel like a chore. However, the likelihood is that you’ll be having too much fun to notice you’re exercising!


Luke Mohr, MD of Go Mammoth said; “Go Mammoth is everywhere! We have classes in the most convenient venues and our instructors are some of the best around. Wherever you’re looking for a zumba class, we have lots of options – and once you’re part of Go Mammoth you get benefits such as a free top and discounts on food and drink at the zumba venue.”


It’s all about the tunes! The music is absolutely key to zumba and our classes have the best choices of tunes that are guaranteed to make sure you’re dancing all through the class – and all the way home!


It’s really convenient – you don’t have to sign up for a gym contract and you are just bound in for your eight sessions. If you decide you’d rather do something else after that then there are no penalties and you don’t have to come back.


Prices are around £50 for an eight week course, but hurry, as some of our sessions are already fully booked!


Find out more about Go Mammoth fitness classes on the website – or by phoning 0207 381 6034

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