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Healthy Kebabs

How to Stay Healthy at a BBQ

It’s finally summer, and the best way to spend a warm, sunny afternoon is quite possibly with friends, family and a packed grill. However, many people barbecue with frozen burger patties and cheap sausages, and that type of food is highly processed and filled with artery-clogging saturated fat. There are so many choices that are both healthier and tastier.

Healthy Kebabs

 The Quality of the Meat Matters

Unless you and all your guests are vegetarians, you’ll be putting meat onto the grill. Isn’t the delicious grilled meat the best part of a barbecue? Do not compromise on the quality of the meat. Aim for quality rather than quantity. Marinade chicken pieces or boneless, skinless breasts in your secret sauce and grill them to perfection. Make your own burgers from lean ground beef and spices. Buy choice cuts of meat from a real butcher. Grilled food does not have to be junk food, and with vegetables added to the grill and side dishes on offer, there’s no need to make vast amounts of poor quality, processed meat.


Mix Meat and Vegetables

Make meatloaf burgers from ground steak, porridge oats, finely chopped vegetables, and eggs. Create shish kabobs out of marinated chunks of meat and vegetables and grill them on skewers. Some of the best barbecue dishes contain both meat and vegetables.


Delicious Vegetarian Options

Buy sweet peppers, burger-sized portabella mushrooms and red onions. Clean and quarter the onions and peppers. Toss the vegetables with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and thrown them on the grill. They’re good plain or in sandwiches. Vegetarians can eat the mushrooms instead of burgers. Of course, good quality vegetarian burgers, especially homemade, never go amiss.


The Side Dishes Make the Meal

A barbecue is a great opportunity to create fantastic summer salads, and you’ll want to have wholegrain bread available, as well. Opt for vinaigrettes or yogurt-based dressings rather than mayonnaise. Choose whole grains and root vegetables as main ingredients for the carb-based salads. LA Fitness offer advice on healthy BBQ advice, please click here. For example, barley, brown rice, wild rice and sweet potato can be great, unconventional salad bases. Choose fresh, local vegetables and fruit, and don’t forget to include fresh herbs. Use what’s available in your area and apply a little imagination, and your guests will love the results. If you adopt the same philosophy with booze as with meat and aim for better quality rather than a huge quantity, you’ll be on your way to the best and healthiest barbecue yet.


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