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Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

This is a guest post by Rob Powell…


If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that diet and exercise can improve your physique and levels of fitness. You don’t need to be told that a healthy lifestyle leads to you looking great and feeling great. But what does ‘feeling great’ actually mean? Why should lifting those weights or running those miles make you feel better, and not just afterwards, but in the long term as well? Feeling healthy is a difficult thing to quantify, so is there anything we can point at and go ‘There! That bit! That’s got better’?

Of course there is, and below we highlight some of the benefits to your body and mind that a healthy lifestyle brings, benefits that you can’t see or won’t necessarily notice straight away but when they’re pointed out you go ‘oh yeah’.

  • Stress
    Some stress can be beneficial to you and everyone has felt a ‘thrill’ at working to tight deadlines, a tense ending to a sports game and many other times. It can help keep you motivated and even be creative. But too much stress, and the wrong sort of stress, is harmful. Regular exercise helps relieve stress and tension, especially cardiovascular exercise.
  • Sleep
    People who do regular exercise – even if it’s a little bit – tend to sleep better. And if you sleep better, you’re less stressed, less cranky, and you have better energy levels. Therefore you’re more productive and you work better.
how to sleep well
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  • Energy
    It sounds a bit weird but the more you exercise the more energy you have. Coupled with plenty of fresh food (including lots of fruit and vegetables) full of vitamins, minerals and protein, you’ll have the energy to get through the day without feeling the need to curl up under your desk for a nap in the middle of the afternoon.
  • Stamina
    Whatever you choose do, you’ll be doing better and for longer, be it climbing stairs, walking around the shops or having sex. Now you’re convinced, right?
  • Sickness
    If you’re less stressed, sleeping well, with good levels of energy and stamina, and maintaining all this with regular exercise and good food – and by good we mean freshly prepared as opposed to processed – you’re less likely to get ill, and not just from the big illnesses that come from long-term unhealthiness like heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and a whole host of others, you’re better able to deal with short-term sickness such as colds, flu and stomach bugs.
  • Confidence
    Never under-estimate the power of self-confidence and self-esteem. When you start to feel good, you start to look good, both of which mean you start feeling even better, and then looking better. It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course, it can go the other way too, but if you have the drive to keep up the healthy lifestyle there’s no reason why your confidence and self-esteem should fall, but be realistic: Accept your limits and that it might take longer than you anticipated achieving your goals. Don’t let it stop you.
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  • Money
    If you’re confident, full of energy, calm in a crisis and not constantly off work ill, you’re going to do well at your job and that won’t go unnoticed by the bosses. It won’t guarantee you a promotion of course but being good at your job is certainly going to help, so financial reward for being healthy is not unrealistic. Plus, most people have to have life insurance as part of financial agreements such as mortgages, and if you lead a healthy lifestyle your payments could be tiny. Ditto if you decide to take out private medical insurance.

If you’ve managed to make it this far through the article, well done, hopefully you haven’t been bored and you’re feeling keen to get healthy or, if you’re already on the road to a healthy lifestyle, you’re feeling a new surge to get fitter and maybe we’ve given you something to think about that you hadn’t realised before.

This article was written by Rob Powell from, the price comparison website for life insurance

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  1. Hi this Jerry and wanted to just say this article is actually good. In my quest to loose stomach fat I searched for loads of inforamation to help me, this is one gem that will help.

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