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How to Choose the Right Exercise Class for You

If you are thinking that now is the time to attend an exercise class on a weekly basis, whether it is to tone up in time for your summer holiday or simply to improve fitness and overall wellbeing, there are many classes to try. The right class for you will depend on the results you are looking for as well as your physical ability, so read on as a variety of classes are discussed to give you an idea of the best one for you.

Zumba for Japan
Zumba for Japan (Photo credit: anujraj)


If you are looking for a class that really works your core and helps to tone up your legs, stomach and bum then Zumba is a great choice. The best thing about zumba is that the moves and fun to do yet simple, so it will be suitable for the majority. Zumba is excellent for burning calories (anywhere between 400 and 600 an hour!) so many people report fantastic weight loss results from taking a Zumba class 2-3 times a week.


Pilates is all about improving your core strength, concentrating on your lower back and abdomen. The theory behind Pilates is that through strengthening these core muscles, you can carry out daily tasks such carrying the shopping in and doing the cleaning in a more efficient manner through being able to move more freely. Pilates is ideal for those seeking a lean and strong body free from small aches and pains associated with strain and stress.


A spinning class is widely renowned as rather intense; it not only works every single leg muscle, it also increases lung capacity over time and encourages a healthy heart. A 45 minute spinning class can burn 450-550 calories so it is greatly for dropping a dress size or two! Spinning isn’t for everyone as it is certainly a high impact workout, but if you are really serious about improving your overall health together with fitness levels then this could be the perfect class for you.

Yoga Class at a Gym
Yoga Class at a Gym (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For some, exercise is not just about shedding the pounds and toning up those key areas, it is also about mental wellbeing and this is something that Yoga offers. Yoga is an ancient practice that works to create unity between the mind body and spirit through regaining balance and improving strength as well as posture. If you are looking to enhance your lifestyle as a whole then Yoga could be the right class for you.

Whatever you are hoping to achieve from an exercise class, it is important to remember that comfortable surroundings and a qualified instructor will greatly aid your quest for fitness and wellbeing so be sure to sign up to a reputable class and perhaps take a friend along for morale support.

Sophie has been attending a number of classes to see which one is right for her, so far her favourite is Zumba in Cheltenham but is also enjoying the tranquillity of Yoga and the high energy routines of the spinning classes.

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