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Six pack abs

How to Get a Six Pack

This is arguably the most common question asked to personal trainers;

‘How do I get a six-pack?’

The answer is overwhelmingly simple, but the issue has been complicated for decades by misguided, misinformed advice as well as people trying to make a quick back from ludacris quick-fixes like;

–       Six Second Abs

–       Slender tone

–       Fat burning pills

… And my personal favourite…

–       Abdominal firming gel

None, I repeat NONE of these gimmicks work. A six pack is only possible when these two prerequisites are in place;

–       A low level of body fat

–       A degree of abdominal muscular development

Contrary to popular belief, crunches or ‘sit ups’ alone will not grant you a six-pack. To have visible abdominals, the fat on your stomach needs to be melted away, revealing the muscle below.

This means that a fat loss program will do far more for your six-pack endeavors than 1000 sit-ups a day ever will.

Six pack abs


Loose Fat

So how do you loose fat?

–       Eliminate all sugar processed foods and trans fats from your diet

–       Eat small, regular meals made up of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats

–       Don’t remain seated for longer than two hours

–       Do some form of exercise everyday

Sounds simple right? It is, but it’s not easy, getting your nutrition spot on is a hardship, but if you really want a six pack, there’s no other option.

But what about training? Surely you need to do SOME sit-ups?



Gain Muscle

I know plenty of people with visible, well developed abs who’ve never done a sit up in their life. So what kind of training do you need to do to get one?

–       Perform compound lifts every time you workout e.g. Squats, Deadlifts, Bench presses, Military Presses, these all engage the core

–       Perform as many of your exercises as possible standing up

–       Add in some dedicated an training to your routine, but make sit-ups a very small part of that training, there are thousands of different moves for the abs

–       Perform cardiovascular workouts to accelerate fat loss, but prioritize resistance training.

And that’s it.

Getting a six-pack isn’t a simple case of doing loads of sit-ups, or getting as skinny as possible.

If you follow this blog regularly you’ll notice a theme emerging, almost every fitness goal is achieved by practicing good nutrition and training effectively and consistently, getting a six-pack is no different.




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    1. Thanks! Absolutely, i can’t stress the importance of diet enough. Remember cardio doesn’t have to mean pounding the treadmill for ages!

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