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Proeton discount card

How to Get Cheaper Whey Protein

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I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that if you’re reading this, you probably use whey protein or some other kind of supplement. I’d also guess that you think these supplements are pretty expensive,  I certainly do. Well there’s an easy way to get up to 40% off some of the leading sports nutrition brands, just sign up for a card at Protein Discount Card.

Proeton discount card

This is free and gets you some amazing discounts, e.g. 40% off Optimum Nutrition products. Other brand discounts available include My Protein, USN and PhD. You can also get a discount on Muscle Food products, a company that sell a range of lean meats , so you can get  money off stuff you’d buy anyway as part of your grocery shopping. An absolute no brainer, sign up here.

Optimum Nutrition saving

There’s also a VIP card which comes at a cost, but provides even more impressive savings.


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