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Protein Pancake with Toppings

How to Make Protein Pancakes for Pancake Day


Shrove Tuesday. Excellent, another day when you’re encouraged, nay, virtually forced to eat yet more shitty food. And you’d only just got rid of that layer of Christmas fat.

Well, as with most bad food choices, there is another way. You can join the droves of comfort eaters without slipping into a dark underworld of sugar and trans fat.

Pancakes are traditionally made with flour, vegetable oil, sugar, eggs and milk (not to mention sugar heavy toppings like, well sugar). There’s are two passable ingredients in there, and they are eggs and milk, but pancakes can be made much more suited to your muscle building and fat loss goals with a couple of simple alterations.

Protein Pancake with Toppings

To make protein pancakes that taste exactly the same as regular ones, but with a much more favourable nutritional profile, you just need a few ingredients;




Vanilla Protein Powder

Coconut Oil

To make the pancakes;

1. Blend the oats to make them really fine

2. Mix with all the other ingredients until you get the desired thickness

3. Pour the mixture into a frying pan on a medium heat with plenty of cocnut oil so it doesn’t stick

4. Fry for about 4 minutes on each side, or until firm

5. For some decent toppings, try Agave Nectar, Blueberries and Cinnamon

OR if you’re feeling lazy, you can use Myprotein Protein Pancake Mix, this is basically protein (obviously) and fine oats, meaning you can just mix with milk and whack it in the pan. Works like a treat.

This is a pretty decent breakfast that tastes great all year round – I definitely wouldn’t replace eggs/meat and veg with protein pancakes long term, but once a week for a bit of variety won’t do any harm.

My Protein protein pancake mix



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