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Mass Blitz

MaxiRAW Mass Blitz Review

First of all, massive thanks to MaxiRAW for sending me these samples to review, much appreciated.

MaxiRAW Mass Blitz falls into the ‘weight gainer’ category of supplements, made with a blend of the three main macronutrients, rather than just protein, these products are designed for trainers looking for a convenient and cost effective way of adding calories to their daily intake, with the end goal of adding muscle.

Mass Blitz

So I’ve never been a massive proponent of mass gainers, weight gainers, meal replacement shakes, or whatever you want to call them. As early as a few years ago, most of these products were made with tonnes of sugar, making them a recipe for gaining fat as well as muscle, not something desired by today’s intelligent trainer.

Nowadays most of these weight gainers are made with oats instead of simple sugars, a far more sensible option, combining whey protein with a slow-release complex carb that acts as a normal meal, keeping insulin levels stable.

So what’s Mass Blitz like?

You could be forgiven for mistaking Mass Blitz with regular whey, the reason being that the oats are so finely ground, they’re virtually invisible. This makes Mass Blitz really easy to mix and drink, far easier than my homemade oat/protein mass gainer mix which was basically whey protein on top followed by a lump of oats at the bottom of the shaker.

I opted for the strawberry flavour which tastes great, much like any other whey shake, the consistency is slightly thicker, and you can definitely detect the oats, but that’s no bad thing. Mass Blitz contains around 350 calories per 100g, which works out as around 3 normal size scoops

Mass Blitz

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