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Let’s be honest, if we could take a magic potion that somehow turned us into 18 stone, ripped beasts, we would. Unfortunately, in bodybuilding, as in any sport, there are no shortcuts. The nice people at BSN who make a range of nutritional supplements however would have you believe that veiny vascularity is just a scoop of fluorescent green powder away in their ads for NO-XPLODE, a pre-workout formula which allegedly yields skin-tearing pumps. Or something.

Not quite…


Having used NO-XPLODE on a few occasions, I can confirm that I haven’t turned into the Juggernaut from X-Men after being given a wet willie, no the formula didn’t make my veins course to bursting point, what it did do however, is make me want to work hard, really hard.

For me, the benefits of NO-XPLODE were far more mental than physical. Minutes after ingesting the sharp, acidic, bile like substance that’s created when you mix NO-XPLODE with water, I felt a distinct, almost overwhelming desire to hit the gym and throw some heavy stuff around. This is likely due to the near pharmaceutical quantities of Taurine, which has a similar effect to caffeine.

The question is, is the £30 odd enough to pay for a tub of chemicals that are quite possibly doing you as much harm as they are good? Well, if you’re one of those trainers that believes in all the gimmicks and likes to live with the illusion that supplements will do most of the work for you, yes.

Motivation in a tub


If you’re more measured and intelligent in your approach, then NO-XPLODE is a handy tool in the locker that gives you that much needed boost when lethargy sets in. The toxic looking concoction has varying effects on different people, so the best advice is to try some for yourself, I’d take it easy on the dosage however, one of my initial over-enthusiastic three-scoop mixes resulted in me depositing most of the calories I’d ingested that day into the sewage system.


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9 thoughts on “N.O-XPLODE Review

  1. If you get tired during the work-out and are looking for a supplement that keeps you focused and provides enough energy to get you through then it is a great stuff. And Fruit Punch tastes pretty good too. But then its goodness is limited to just that. I didn’t feel any difference in my strength etc. It doesn’t give you any burst of power but a steady dose of energy so its effect is more apparent towards the end of your workout session. When I realized this, I started using it judiciously and not everyday (including non-training days!) as the recommendation on it reads. I take it on days I’m training large muscle groups like legs and back to help me finish a relatively longer workout with many compound exercises.
    Hope it helps.

    1. Fair comment. I’d agree that N.O and other pre-workout forumlas are best used if you plan to have a particularly long or intense session.

  2. I’ve used No-xplode for 1 month now. It’s been giving me the energy i needed to pull off a decent workout after coming home from a 8 hour frenzy at work.

    I agree that it’s no miracle substance that gives you a massive amount of extra strength and sure as hell doesn’t improve the size off your muscles, but it gives you the energy to push yourself and get a nice lean pump.

    1. You’re absolutely right, N.O Xplode definitely gives you an energy boost (though it’s more mental than physical), however I’d argue that you shouldn’t need such a boost if you’ve got your nutrition and sleep right.

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