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New Years Resolutions Worth Sticking to

We’ve all done it. Made a resolution on New Year’s Eve and decided to stick to it, at least for a month; with one of the biggest being to cut out all booze for January and give our livers a rest. But is this actually doing you some good?

Going on a January detox and cutting out the alcohol may make you feel good at the time, but as soon as you start drinking again in February you’ll undo all the hard work. According to doctors, you’d be better off not drinking for a few days each week throughout the year so your liver gets used to the decreased amount.

So, rather than thinking you can make a one-month, one-hit resolution to cleanse your liver, how about drinking less and getting a little more exercise? Here are just a few places where you can start.

Mountain biking

The popularity of road cycling increased dramatically after the Olympics, but we’re thinking something a bit more exciting might be the best way to stay fit in 2013. Once you’re kitted out with your bike, some Bontrager mountain bike shoes, gloves and a helmet you can start off on your local mountain bike trails. Get to know the local vicinity and your skills, then try and build up the difficulty level. Setting yourself goals and building up your ability level each time you ride is the perfect way to keep you interested throughout the year. Once you’ve pushed yourself hard, you can look forward to summer riding with the sun on your back.


Hitting the gym

Everyone goes back to the gym in January. A combination of too much over-indulgence over the festive period and cheap rates on gym membership makes it an attractive proposition. But you need to make sure you stick to it. It’s one thing signing up it’s another maintaining your level of attendance. Start off slowly and build the intensity of your workouts up, as there’s nothing worse for your motivation than pushing too hard early on for your ability level. It’s also important that you change up your workout too. Getting through the gym doors after work is arguably the most difficult element of your gym sessions – you need to keep the interest levels high.

Signing up for something

Come spring they’ll be marathons and half marathons aplenty up and down the UK, but if you want to compete you need to get yourself signed up as soon as possible. Once you’ve done this, you know you’ve got something to work for, as they’ll be nothing worse than turning up on the day and embarrassing yourself. No matter the weather, you need to be out training. Setting yourself a goal and working towards it like this is the perfect way to get fit and maintain that fitness in 2013.

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