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PhD Pharma Whey Review

I almost religiously buy MaxiRAW or MyProtein whey as it’s the best value and tastes great. I usually look forward to my bi-monthly haul of whey, which I usually buy online, but since the last time I ran out was just before the start of October – and the 20% tax hike on all sports nutrition products – I thought I’d shop around, and even take a look in some actual stores.

We’ve just had a GNC open up in our hometown, this would usually be great news but I’m far too aware of the high premiums charged in shops like these, nevertheless I couldn’t resist a snoop around.

Lucky I did because GNC were doing a great buy one get one free promotion on everything. Even though the prices are still somewhat over inflated compared to what you can get online, I had to get in there but the price hike so I got some PhD Pharma whey.

At £64.99 for two 2.27Kg tubs (on the BOGOFF promotion)  this was a pretty reasonable deal considering I usually pay around the same amount for two 2.5Kg bags online.

As for the product itself, the Chocolate Cookie flavour tastes ok, if little ‘mashmallowly’. Unlike most other whey products I’ve tried, this stuff comes up really thick and needs a lot of water to create a consistency that you can drink, rather than chew on.

This a bit of a problem, especially if you have 1.5 or more scoops in a shaker, because some of the powder can become clogged at the bottom and fail to mix with the water, so best to add the water before the powder.

In all honest there is very little between different whey powders, despite what the adverts would have you believe, but on balance I’d still go with my two usual brands over Phrama whey in future.


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