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Triathlons are an incredible way to burn off fat, increase muscle and create a defined body shape. However, even for fitness fanatics, a triathlon can seem daunting at first, but they are an awesome route of getting the body you desire.



Reasons to enter:

Achieving your perfect body

Stand at the start of any triathlon event and you will see well sculpted bodies, with tight abs, and slim toned legs.  The combination of three events means your entire body gets a work out and you can achieve a lean look all over.

Fundraising for charity

Contenders enter triathlons for a whole host of reasons.  Many sign up to raise money for a good cause.  Any charity will be happy to have you compete in their name.  Doing a charity triathlon will increase your fitness and your feel-good factor.  Nothing motivates more than the thought of raising money for something you passionately believe in.

The glory

For years triathlons were an elite event which were only attempted by ‘real athletes’.  Last year over one million people entered a triathlon and the support for the event is growing.

At popular triathlons the crown can be inspirational, if you enjoy hearing people chanting your name, driving you forward, you will love events such as the Virgin Active Triathlon.

Choose your level

Triathlons operate at different levels, so you don’t need to start with an Ironman.  The joys of competing in a tri is that you can start at the bottom (i.e. a 5k event) and then work your way up.  Who knows, maybe an Ironman medal will one day be in your hand.

Triathlons take place all year round, and it is easy to find online training guides and support groups.

What are you waiting for?

Author: Jane Blackmore is a writer, editor and mother to three. She is often found going on long runs in the woods to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet away from the little ones

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