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Six Jobs That Require Fitness and a Great Physique

Being buff is hard work which is why you should reap benefits from it. While you will most certainly get more jealous stares and attention at the beach and gym, you can also get jobs just because your buff. Here are just a few that you can consider.


Whether you want to be a TV extra, a guy in a music video or a one night stand for the leading lady in a soap opera; being buff can get you the job.  Producers love to include guys with abs in their shows because it attracts the attention of the ladies. You can also use small parts to attract attention and get larger roles. But don’t worry if you don’t land a bigger role; small parts and even body doubling for a more famous actor actually pay really well.

personal trainer
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Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer is easy. All you have to do is be in shape and talk to your clients to give them the motivation they need. You might also have to work out with them, go running and even spot for them but since your buff, you’re probably used to doing that with buddies without being paid. Personal trainers can work independently or for gyms and can earn a wide variety of salaries. However; you will need to get a personal trainer certification before you can legally work in this field.

Buff Butler

Working as a buff butler is a great way to earn a lot of money. You can greatly increase your earnings while doing pretty much nothing but showing up at an event for a few hours. You can expect to wear scanty or tight fitting clothing, serve drinks and play games or converse with the guests but considering the hard labour you could be doing instead; being a buff butler is both easy and fun. Usually if the maid of honour is stuck for hen party ideas, you will be drafted in to be the centre of attention!



Fighting fires isn’t an easy job. However; it is a very rewarding job that can pay well once you get into the career. You will have to go through initial training but before you know it you will be running up stairs, hauling fire hose and well, putting out fires. Fire fighting requires you to be buff and can even attract female attention because the ladies will see you as a hero.


Being buff can in fact get you a job as a model. While it helps to have a pretty face as well, it’s not really necessary. There are multiple male modelling agencies that can apply to too begin a career in modelling. Remember, most models start out small and sometimes work for free in order to build a portfolio. However; after you are a little better known, you shouldn’t have any trouble being hired to pose for a collection or even model clothes on a runway.


Lifeguards have to be in good shape. A lifeguard is responsible for saving people (and sometimes animals) that are drowning or trapped in the water. This can range from rescuing children from a pool or swimming out to help people drowning in the ocean! Being a lifeguard is a very rewarding and physically challenging job for the right person.


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