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Six Workout Supplements You Don’t Need

Almost every post you read on the internet, or every page you read in a magazine is motivated by one thing; money. Good advice it may be, but they’ll always be a plug in there somewhere for a sensationally named supplement, be it powder, pills, or liquid that supposedly single-handedly propels you towards your fitness goals than plain old working out or eating ever could.

These adverts or subtle plugs work for two reasons;


  1. You’re naïve and susceptible to advertising
  2. They sound good simply because you want to believe them; after all working out is tough, it’s nice to at least entertain the thought that there could be something out there which helps you achieve your goals more quickly, right?


That’s precisely why your cupboard is full of brightly coloured containers plastered with statements that promise a ‘ripped’ or ‘jacked’ physique, and precisely why you’re still too small, and too fat.

Here are a list of supplements that you shouldn’t be wasting your time and money on, or investing your hopes in;


1. Pre-workout formulas (N.O Xplode, Jack3d)

Most pre-workout formulas include a mixture of nitrous oxide, caffeine, and Taurine which give you a mental boost and a more intense ‘pump’

Why you don’t need it: If you feel you need a mental boost you probably need to go to bed earlier; try it, it’s free.

NO Xplode
Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons


2. Tribulus

This is supposedly a natural testosterone booster, reputedly taking it gives you better muscle building/fat-loss potential

Why you don’t need it: Eat healthy fats like egg yolks and utilize compound lifts to stimulate GH and testosterone production.

Testosterone booster
Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons


3. Mass Gainers

Mass gainers are usually powders that mix into a thick drink with a high-calorie content, marketed at people looking to pack on size.

Why you don’t need it: Simply eating more real food is a more effective and cheaper way of increasing calories.

Mass gain
Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons


4. Fat Burners

Fat burning pills usually contain a mixture of tea extract and caffeine and purportedly aid the body’s fat burning abilities

Why you don’t need it: You can work harder at the gym and have a coffee before your workout for a fraction of the price

fat burner pils
Image credit: Google


5. Post-workout formulas

Usually a mix of whey protein and some form of simple, fast-digesting carbohydrate to replenish energy stores after your workout

Why you don’t need it: Mixing a standalone why protein with a fast digesting form of carbohydrates is a much cheaper option

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons


6. Casein

A slow digesting form of protein that release slowly into the bloodstream

Why you don’t need it: Cottage cheese does the same job is more nutritionally sound than Casein

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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2 thoughts on “Six Workout Supplements You Don’t Need

  1. Well done for having the guts to speak up on this! I’ve always advocated the right foods over these so-called “supplements” – which is why I loved that c4 programme “The Food Hospital”. Eat properly, in the right amounts, and you’ll never need these supplements pumped into your body.

    1. No proble, glad you liked the post. Supplements are just that, a SUPPLEMENT to your diet. They aren’t necessarily bad for you, just overpriced and unecessary in most cases.

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