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Supplement stack

Stop The Obsession with Supplements




The least well-informed and arguably the least successful trainers in search of more muscle and less fat are OBSESSED with supplements.

This would be fine if it weren’t so detrimental to their efforts.

The obsession in itself isn’t really the problem, it’s the fact that it diverts attention from aspects of their diet and training that are FAR more important.

Consider the debates that rage on blogs, Facebook and Twitter about the ‘best’ protein powder, here’s why it just doesn’t make sense;

  • Yes, there are differences between brands and types (concentrate, isolate, etc) but for the layman, they’re INSIGNIFICANT. If you want a quality product, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies.
  • The average trainer probably takes in roughly 70g for whey protein powder per day. If you have any sense, you’ll be eating more than twice that amount from other sources of protein, so why not have a debate about the best/cheapest chicken, beef, eggs, turkey, lamb, fish or pork?
  • Yes, whey protein is convenient, but you don’t NEED it, why not have a debate about something more fundamental to the muscle building process, like sleep, overall diet, or training intensity?

And that’s just whey protein, what about all the other suppliments out there?


Supplement stack



Let’s take testosterone boosters.

By all means, give them a go, but my issue is that people that are spending silly money on T-boosters aren’t even maximizing their potential to increase this essential muscle building hormone by, say, going to bed an hour earlier, or increasing fat in their diet.

It’s madness.

The same goes for pre-workout formulas, why drink something loaded with chemicals  that tastes like crap and costs the wrong side of £40 when you could go to bed an hour earlier the night before, and not feel like you need a ‘boost’ before your workout?

People are too naive to marketing bullshit.

Yes, supplements will make a difference, but a TINY one, perhaps that final 0.5% that professional bodybuilders need to get the edge over the competition.

Problem is, you’re not a professional body builder.

Forget the TINY details (supplements) and give yourself an extra 30% by optimizing your sleep patterns, training intensity and diet.




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