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4 Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Most people mistakenly think that fat loss is something that requires a lot effort, pumping iron and amazing genetics. This cannot be further from the truth: when you know the right exercises, you can lose fat a lot quicker, without starving yourself. In this article we will show you several high performance tricks which help you to become leaner significantly quickly.

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Trick: Drink Green Tea
It was proven that Green tea actually helps you become leaner and burn calories by boosting your metabolic rate and making you burn more calories, up to 250 extra calories any day. With just 3 cups of green tea per day you could make a big improvement in your body fat, while also consuming a beneficial drink that has various other positive effects on your well-being.

Trick: Guarana
Guarana is also a powerful fat burning supplement that explode your metabolic rate, making you a living fat burning furnace and makes you burn more calories. Make sure not to take too much as an overdose can have bad influence on your cardiovascular system. There are of course many other fat burning supplements out there that have a similar effect to Guarana

Trick: Use Compound Exercises
Instead of spending hours deed aerobics, it is considerably more effective to do compound weight exercises such as squats and dips. They utilize lots of muscles at the same time and boost your metabolism significantly, helping you to burn more calories even when you are asleep. Various studies proved that there is no actual difference in fat burning when doing aerobics or multi-joint fat burning exercises such as bench press or other intense exercises.
So instead of deed simple curls, do some more complex exercises and you evidence not only lose more fat, but also grow your muscles faster.

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Trick: Eat Mostly Complex Carbohydrates
Basic carbohydates such as white bread, spaghetti, etc, are digested easily, therefore they are quickly turned into Glucose in the body. This spikes up Insulin, whos job is to store Glucose in the body as fat – thus turning you more fat. You should avoid all white carbohydrate and eat complex carbohydates such as black beans, whole grain, etc. These carbohydates are harder to digest, so the digestive system does not turn them into fat and they provide you with stable energy throughout the day.

In conclusion, in this article we presented 4 tricks for fast weight loss, make sure to try them and see your body fat drop significantly.

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Five Advanced Fat Burning Techniques

So you’ve shifted that belly, and you’re starting to see the first signs of that six pack emerging from your gut like a phoenix rising from the flames. Problem is, your results have stagnated, leaving a small but infuriating amount of lipid concealing the final piece in your six-pack puzzle.

You know that a potent cocktail of resistance training, cardio and diet is the key to losing that last bit of fat, but even if you think you’ve got everything spot on, you may still be missing a couple of sneaky techniques that will combine to melt away the final few pounds of fat, leaving looking dry and shredded.

Here are five stealth tactics to purge the paunch in no time…


1.    Lose the weights benches

You know the exercises you perform sitting down on a bench?

Stop doing that.

Performing all your exercises standing (or a  least as many as you can) will engage more muscle and burn more calories.

Shoulder press
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2.    Reduce your cooking times

Cooking certain carbohydrates for too long can break them down, making them enter the blood stream more quickly and spike insulin, leading to fat gain.

Sweet potatoes are particularly susceptible to this process, cook a medium sized sweet potato for around 25 minutes, ensuring it ends up firm (but not solid).

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3.    Go for a walk

You may already do cardio, you may not, either way, make it a priority to go for a brisk 30 minute walk everyday. Doing this consistently will have a metabolic effect that builds up over time, gradually chiseling away at your mid-section.

The reason I suggest a walk instead of simply more regular-pace cardio is because it won’t impact your recovery, giving you the best chance of building more fat-burning muscle mass.

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4.    Drink green tea

Green tea has a moderate caffeine content which means it’ll keep your metabolism ticking over nicely. Don’t think that green tea capsules are are good substitute either, they don’t absorb nearly as effectively.

You may be thinking why I didn’t recommend black coffee since it has a higher caffeine content, well, it’s ok to drink occasionally, but I tend to avoid it since it has a bigger diuretic effect on the body and can increase catabolic cortisol levels.

green tea
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5.    Start each workout with a bang

Which ever muscle group you training on a given day, begin your workout with a heavy, compound lift that targets the muscle group in question. This will make you stronger, bigger and help reveal the pack.

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fat loss

Six Easy Ways to Burn Fat All Day Long

Make no bones about it, fat loss is neither easy nor fun, and a well structured exercise and nutrition plan trumps every ‘get ripped’ pill out there, but once you have these two pillars nailed, there are a few other tricks you can bust out to get that detailed mid-section out from beneath the layer of blubber.

Maintaining a fast metabolism is they key here so your body can work at chipping away at the fat while you get on with sitting on your day. Here are five easy ways to make sure you keep that internal fire stoked 24/7;

1. Move More

Whatever it is you’re doing, move more. If you sit at a desk all day, get up regularly and walk around, disguise it as a trip to the toilet or the kitchen if you’re worried about your colleagues thinking you have ADD. Fidget at your desk, whatever, just try to interrupt long periods of being seated, the extra calories you’ll burn over the course of a day is significant.

2. Drink Water

Lots of it. I don’t care if you’re up and down to the toilet every half and hour -that’s a good thing – (see above). Water does wonders for the metabolism since it aids every bodily function, including the ones that help your body digest food and burn fat efficiently. Have 2l bottle at your desk and aim to finish it by the end of the day.

3. Eat

Errr what? Doesn’t eating make you fat? No. Eating crap all day makes you fat. Snack on lean protein (chicken, tuna, cottage cheese, beef jerky) at regular intervals throughout the day. Protein requires the body work hard to digest it (that’s a good thing) and helps build lean muscle, which will further boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

4. Trade Your Chair In

If you’re on office worker, which most fatties are, jettison your chair and instead sit on a Swiss Ball. Ignore jibes from your colleagues and reap the benefits that sitting on an unstable surface gives including stronger abs and an increased metabolism. Just try not to fall off mid-phone call!

5. Stand Up

Although intense bursts of of activity are great for incinerating excess blubber, so is simply standing up. Standing up burns far more calories than slouching on your comfortable but increasing cushion-like butt cheeks, so do it more.

6. Thermogenics

Thermogenics is a posh term for any substance which aids metabolism. Green tea is my personal fave but anything with appreciable amounts of caffeine will do the job nicely, whether in natural or pill form.

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An Obese Mess

My Approach to Fitness

Fitness is a broad term and one that’s often misused amongst self-proclaimed ‘experts’. Professional bodies that offer tutelage on in exercise instruction offer a definition of overall physical fitness based on a number of attributes including ‘flexibility’ and ‘strength’. While this presents a neat summation of what it means to be ‘fit’, for the layman it is far too detailed a definition; while possessing the malleable limbs of an Olympic gymnast or the super-human strength of an Eastern-European strongman are desirable traits, in this age of cheap, alluring fast food and sedentary jobs, simply not being grotesquely obese is a genuine target for many.

An Obese Mess
This is you.








So how do I go about ‘not being obese’. You’ve heard this all before but exercise and good nutrition rule supreme. If you are absent-mindedly ramming food down your throat and barely moving on a daily basis, no amount of ab-master 5000 work or Acai berry fat loss pills will get you chiseled, let alone  alone go any way to removing that mass of blubber from your abdomen. it doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you move regularly and and consume a moderate amount of good food, you won’t be fat.

But everyone knows that right? Clearly this is somewhat of a simplistic solution and probably doesn’t help you one jot. As a underlying framework however, it is irefutable, many people believe they consume moderate amounts of good food, yet if they really took stock of what they ate over the course of a week, they’d find their meals of grilled chicken and veg peppered sugary fatty, snacks that just seem to inconspicuoulsy ‘sneak’ their way in. As for exercise, you have to want to do it, a half-assed stroll in the treadmill while reading a Jackie Collins does not qualify as a workout. The mentality that simply ‘being in the gym’ gives you the right to be ripped is a one-way ticket to disappointment and frustration.

In short if you aren’t dripping with sweat and barely able to stand after your workouts, you’re not doing it right. Similarly if your bin is fully of foil trays and large, rectangular blue and red cardboard boxes, you only have yourself to blame. That’s how to do it wrong, and realising that your workouts and diet suck is the first step on your fitness journey.

So how do you do it right? Well that’s up for debate, and that’s what this blog is going to do.



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