How to Eat Anything you Want and Stay Lean

… Within reason! Gottcha! In all serious if you are trying to shred up or just maintain your current body level, you needn’t restrict yourself to a diet consisting of bird-seed and edamame beans. In fact there are a number of what are perceived to be ‘fattening’ food combinations (meals – to us mere mortals!) that can be eaten without that nagging guilt that inevitably follows your 17th slice at the Pizza Hut buffet.

But how so? I hear you cry. I thought Fry-Ups, Burgers and vats of lard were unhealthy and made you look like Rick Waller after 12 months of comfort eating? Well, vats of lard maybe, but there is a ‘healthy’ version of virtually every popular meal, and healthy doesn’t necessarily mean low-fat.

But this sounds to good to be true, how can I eat this kind of food and come out the other side smelling of roses? Here’s how;


Britain’s favourite breakfast choice, eaten by builders in greasy-spoon cafes (shudder) across the land, the English ‘breakie’ consists of piles of grease-laden meat coated in that viscous, saccharine sauce that accompanies Baked beans. Whittling this down to a healthy meal isn’t actually all that difficult.

Ditch the bacon for ‘Turkey-Bacon’ an odd looking snack, but one that tastes almost as good as bacon, but with virtually no fat!

Swap Fried eggs for scrambled, cook them ‘naked’ (no extra milk or oil) and adjust the whites/whole egg ratio depending on your goals

Loose the sugary beans a throw a grilled tomato in there!

Exchange white bread for slow releasing wholemeal (no butter!)




Pizza is arguably THE best fast food, and I can’t deny I love it, my record for downing a large Pepperoni Passion is in the sub-ten minute realm. Consume the mountain of dough, breeze block of melted cheese and fatty meat combo on a regular basis and you’re asking for trouble. Here’s how to make your own pizza that won’t go straight to the hips-

Buy a wholemeal base


Spread liberally with tomato puree and sparingly with low fat cheddar cheese

Add grilled chicken (pre-cooked)

And any other veggies that take your fancy – garlic, red onion, olives and rocket work well

Whack it in the oven for 15 minutes on 200 degrees



Everyone loves a Chinese, so the saying goes. Wait, that’s not a saying I just made it up. Either way there are few things more satisfying than gorging ourselves on MSG drenched fried meats. Unfortunately such a meal option will do little to help carve out your external obliques, so what to do? Chinese works because of the great combination of flavours, this simple stir fry has bags of character without the weekly allowance of sugar.


Slice 200g of steak and throw it in a wok

Add to this some veggies like mixed peppers, mange tout and broccoli

Lob in a few cashew nuts

Introduce a dash of sesame oil and a glug of sweet chili dressing

Stir it for approximately as many minutes as you think is appropriate.

While these meals may not fully satisfy your fat and sugar cravings, they do go some way to recreating their fully-loaded counterparts, with the added benefit of being good for you. The theory used to create these meals can be applied to any kind of meal, from something as simple as chicken sandwich to really posh nosh. All it takes is a little attention to detail when it comes to the ingredients – analyse everything that goes into a meal.

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