Subway Usurps McDonald’s Position at the Top of the Fast-Food Chain

It won’t come as surprise to you that Subway has now surpassed McDonald’s as the UK’s most popular fast food chain. I mean, who wants greasy burgers these days when you could have less greasy but equally unhealthy sub-rolls filled with fatty meat and lashings of dressing, right?

It seems that the public’s perception of Subway as the ‘healthy choice’, garnered by some clever marketing¬† has bolstered the eatery’s reputation above traditional purveyor’s of press, fried cow brains. This is despite McDonald’s valiant attempt to convince doubters that one of their quarter pounders were made from grass-fed rump and their chips lovingly carved from potatoes still covered in mud.

So what is it that makes Subway so healthy in the eyes of the masses? Is it the green and yellow signage which connotes the natural and the pure? Is it the fact that you have the option of unlimited, free salad, which of course helps you lose weight, or is it simply because if something is called a sandwich and not a burger, it is automatically healthy?

As we know most people jump at the next weight loss craze so when Subway came along, they all ditched their personal trainers and hopped aboard the bandwagon, convinced that those few extra cucumber slices amongst the layers of Salami and Ham would make their abdominal fat just melt away like the molten cheese oozing through said offal.

Unfortunately, calling something a sandwich and throwing a few olives in there doesn’t make it any kinder to your waistline, in fact, it’s well known in fast-food folklore that one of the worst offenders in this sector is the foot-long Subway Meatball Marinara boasting an impressive 1,500 calories, and that’s without extra sauce.

This is more than anything available from any of the tripe being peddled at Maccy D’s, and while it may be ‘healthier’, if it’s loaded with fresh vegetables, its ‘sandwich’ status doesn’t make make your gut immune to its expansive properties.

Saying that, given the choice I’d always eat at Subway, so long as you pick something that makes it worth your while. A six-inch sandwich with lean meat such as Chicken or Turkey, no cheese, your pick of vegetables and a lightweight sauce is a decent-ish meal, far more so than fried cow bollocks served with lettuce that last saw daylight in 2007.

Pick a hulking sandwich full of pig and and an oil-based dressing however and you may as well just down a pint of lard. Subway can be a useful and delicious solution if you’re stuck for a meal and are savvy with your choices, but choose the crap and you’re on a one way train to fatsville!


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