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The Best Workout Music

Motivation is a key factor in getting the most out of your workouts, and while you could spend hundreds of pounds on pre-workout formulas and fat burners, a far cheaper and more effective way to get yourself fired up for the impending session is to blast out your favourite tune.

I’ve suggested five tunes here that really get me fired but since music tastes are such a personal thing, most of you will probably loathe my choices! Give them a whirl though, you might just discover a gem in there.

Happy training!


Noisia – Block Control

Reducing the time you rest between sets is a great tactic to spark new muscle growth or accelerate fat loss, but sitting there listening to the dross they play in most gyms can put you into a trance. Not this. This breakneck speed Drum ‘n’ Bass track will keep you focused and spur you on to your next set and beyond.


Ice Cube – Pushin’ Weight

What better to motivate you to push some iron than a tune about, well, pushing iron. At least I think it’s about pushing iron; either way this underratedold skool Hip Hop classic evokes images of L.A gang members bench pressing in their yard!


 Slipknot – Diasterpiece

Slipknot may not be everyone’s cup of tea and the lyrics are admittedly a little macabre for everyday listening but the powerful guitars crunches and frantic drum solos really get you fired up for that next set of heavy deadlifts.


Excision – X Rated

I have to admit I’ve very much jumped on the Dupstep bandwagon, but this is genuinely a great tune when you need some heavy, dirty bass to help you take on the iron. The industrial, metallic sounds really compliment the the sights and sounds of the gym!


Plummet – Damaged

I can’t get enough early 2000s trance and this is one of my favourites, definitely an upbeat number that’ll help you eek out those last couple of sprints on the treadmill!

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