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best running shoes

The importance of picking the right footwear for exercise

When it comes to buying fitness equipment, sports shoes are the most important item you will buy. The wrong decision could have a serious adverse effect on your health, as the feet endure a large amount of pressure during athletic activities. Different sports shoes support your feet in different ways, so if you play a variety of different sports, it is recommended to purchase specialist shoes for each one, as opposed to using one pair for all.

Aerobic trainers

For aerobics work, you should look at a fitness shoe that provides flexibility, support and cushioning. This will absorb some of the impact of intense aerobic exercise while also lessening the shock to the feet. Design wise, you are looking for a thick upper strap to protect the forefoot, a good arch design to cope with the side-to-side steps of aerobics and a soft leather upper for comfort. A mesh-cloth lining is also recommended to absorb moisture and keep the feet cool.

Running shoes

The running shoe is the main sports shoe you definitely shouldn’t use for anything else. Due to their flexibility, they are perfect for running as they allow the foot to flex and bend through each step, but this flexibility does not lend itself well to activities that involve a lot of sideways stepping like tennis and aerobics. Unfortunately it is not just as easy as picking just any old running shoe, as there are so many different running shoes available. You have got to think about the distance you will run and what terrain you will run on. You also need to think about how you actually run. Do you make initial contact with the ground using the inside of your forefoot, or the outside of the heel? This can affect which shoe is right for you. The best practice is to visit a specialist running shop, explain what you intend to do and they will fit the perfect shoe for you.

best running shoes

Football boots

Ill-fitting football boots can cause all kinds of problems for the feet. If you play on a variety of surfaces, such as grass and the hard-on-the-feet AstroTurf, again it is best if you have a few different kinds of boot to adapt to the different surfaces. Footballers are renowned for developing corns and calluses, and boots that are too tight can cause blackened or even lost toenails. Again comfort is key here, so make sure you get a pair that fits you properly with a football sock on, and you should be good to go.

Tennis and squash shoes

Racquet sports like tennis and squash again require specially-designed footwear. They are a lot heavier around the toe than running shoes, as tennis for example includes a lot of stop-start action, meaning you need extra protection for the front of the toes. Tennis shoes are also a lot more forgiving on the side-to-side movements common in racquet sports.

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