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Tips For Effective Muscle Growth

Many gurus nowadays promote “secret” workout routines that promise you amazing results, and up-sell supplements which they don’t even use in most cases. In this article I am going to describe a simple yet highly effective workout method that gives amazing results with only a third of the time one usually spends at the gym.

Do One Set to Complete Failure

For the muscle to grow significantly, one needs to train at high intensity and put big effort on the muscle, to trigger its growth. The most efficient way to do that is not by doing many sets like most of the gurus advice, but by doing one set with high intensity – until you reach the point of maximum muscle failure. After you reahc this point, stay at this point for 5 seconds before slowly releasing. This will cause a lot of effort on your muscle and will force it to grow much faster.

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Slow Movements

Many trainers do their exercises quickly, focusing on quantity rather than on quality. It is important that you focus on the quality and do slow movements in your exercise, 4 seconds up and 4 seconds down to use the muscle to the maximum and not use momentum to cheat. This will give you the best results without requiring you to use big weights.

Split your workout into 2

Full body workout may be good for starters at the gym, but for good result it is recommended to split your workout into 2 parts and focus on 3 body parts at each workout. This helps you body recover faster and do not lead to overtraining which is a serious issue.

Eat Protein and Carbs

Many weight lifters underestimate carbs and focus on eating protein. This usually leads to lower energy and ineffective workouts – it is important that carbs be at least 50% of your diet. If you are worried about getting fat, focus on eating complex carbs such as Burgul Rice, Whole Grain Bread and Beans. This will give your body stable level of energy without causing you to gain fat. You can also drink one of the best mass gainers to get even better results.

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Sleep Enough

For maximum muscle growth it is highly recommended that you sleep at least 8-10 hours per day, as your body grows in your sleep and not in the gym. In the gym we only trigger the growth, and the actual muscles are recovered and expand during our sleep. Therefore it is important to sleep no less than 8 hours per day.


In conclusion, follow these guidelines and you will see your muscle grow quicker than ever before.

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