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Vibram Five Fingers Review

The element which of a formula one car which has the largest bearing on its performance is the tires.


Because it’s the only part that’s in contact with the ground.

Would it work as well if it was fitted with the knackered set of Goodyears from your nan’s Micra?

Of course not.


Why then do I see people performing heavy squats in shoes that are better suited to break-dancing?

When you’ve got 100kg+ on your back, and you’re striving to push out that last rep, wearing trainers with inch-thick soles that make you virtually stand on tip-toes, you’re not doing yourself many favours.

Getting a great physique is all about fine details, so why spend hours in the gym and kitchen every week and let your footwear let you down?


So what should you wear?

Training barefoot is the preferable option, but this is clearly not practical in a gym with health and safety regulations, so what’s the alternative?

Vibram Five Fingers is a new shoe developed to give the most natural feel and best freedom of movement by maintaining the optimal contact patch with the ground, and allowing all five toes to move independently.


If you don’t think that’s important then you might when you realise you can squat and deadlift more when you’re in closer quarters to the floor.

Vibram’s Five Fingers come in normal sizes and slip on easily, they can be tightening with an elastic fastening strap at the back.

Walking in them immediately feels more natural, and the rubber sole and flexible body material flex with your foot.

Immediately you feel more control over standing movements, a lower center of gravity on squats and deadlifts means a safer, more stable platform, as well as more weight.

The Five Fingers really come into their own with Olympic lifts and move like the clean and press, where pushing off explosively with the toes is essential.

Starting at around £70, these come in a similar price to most fashion trainers

If you’re currently wearing your Nike Shox to the gym, then I highly recommend a pair of Vibrams, you’ll notice the difference instantly.




Vinbram Five Fingers


Vibram Five Fingers are available to buy from

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