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Why All that Cardio Isn’t Working

So you decide you look fat and tell everyone you want to lose some ‘weight’

After weeks of fannying around you join a gym

You don’t really want to go, but you half heartedly drag yourself there and us eth cross trainer for half an hour

You don’t enjoy it, but you grind away it for a few months, each time boasting about how many calories you burned.

After a while, you realize that, although you may have lost a couple of pounds, you don’t really look any different.

You get demotivated and go back to spending your nights on the sofa eating icing.


So why have you failed?

It wasn’t through lack of trying, right?

Nope, it’s because cardio vascular exercises are extremely inefficient at shedding fat.

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But if you do loads of running you get thin right?

Yes, but you have to keep an eagle eye on your diet and ensure you were in a calorie deficit everyday, but trust me you don’t want to live like that.

Also, you really just want to be ‘thin’, wouldn’t you rather be three dimensional and defined?


So Why Do I see So Many People doing Cardio in the Gym?

Well, pick one of these


a)    They’re making the same mistake as you

b)   They’re training for a marathon

c)    They just like running

d)   They’re looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness


You see, running is great if you’re trying to get better at running, or you want to improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs, but I’d take a punt that you give two shits about that…


Why Doesn’t Cardio Work vey Well?

When you do cardio, you’re burning calories, and a lot of people go into the gym with the mentality that they’re going to burn off that naughty chocolate bar they had at lunch, while this works in theory, it’s not sustainable; what I mean by that is, if you think like that, you’re constantly chasing a moving target.

However you try to manipulate it, your primary energy source for cardio will be carbohydrates, so you’ll hit the gym, burn some of those carbohydrates off, them simply replace them later on with more carbohyadtes, which will fuel the next workout. You’ve broken even.


So What Should I Do?

Hit the weights.

The issue is, many people associate resistance training with looking like Ronnie Coleman, trust me, that will NEVER happen unless you dedicate your entire life to lifting, eating and injecting yourself with gallons of steroids.

Building muscle is hard work, and takes along time, you don’t just do it by accident, building muscle doesn’t necessary mean having, huge rippling muscles covered in veins. It can mean that, but equally it can mean a well shaped, defined, solid figure, but here’s the clincher…

Not only does weight training burn calories WHILE you’re training, if you do it with enough intensity, you’ll raise your metabolic rate, and continue to burn more calories than you would have DAYS after you’ve stopped training.

As well as that, adding some muscle will PERMANENTLY raise your metabolic rate (and burn more fat) as your body requires more energy to maintain itself, i.e. to support the muscle.

Essentially, training with weights turns your body into a fat burning machine., provided you get your diet right.


Jamie Eason
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What are the Downsides?

Its’ relatively easy to stroll into a gym, hop on the treadmill and pound away, weight training (correctly) is a skill that needs to be learned so you can reach your goals quickly and effectively.

Pitching in the weights area can also be fairly daunting for newbies. The best thing you can do, is research – watch videos on You Tube, ask the trainers in the gym for help, train with a friend and practice together or hire an external personal trainer.

The time you invest in learning which exercises to do PROPERLY will be well worth it when you’re sporting a lean, defined physique, and your treadmill buddy is still in the cardio area, spinning their wheels.


What Should I Do?

Exercises that involve multiple muscle groups burn the most energy , these include;




Pull Ups





Now get off that treadmill of mediocrity and start throwing some iron around!






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